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European Medium Duty Casters include Nylon Casters, Plastic Casters, TPR casters, Rubber Casters, Elastic Rubber Casters and Polyurethane Casters.

The size ranges from 80mm to 200mm, the Load capacity is from 60KG and 400KG. Wheel width from 27mm to 50mm.

The Conventional mounting are Plate Casters, Screw Casters and Bolt Hole Casters, other installation methods can also be customized. The styles include Swivel Casters, Fixed Casters and Brake Casters.

The active, fixed and brake models of the base plate share almost the same base plate size and hole spacing, except that the base plate width of the fixed type is slightly larger, and other parameters are the same.

The brackets of the casters are formed by stamping, the surface is galvanized, and metal protective covers can be added.

European Medium Duty Casters mainly use needle bearings, ball bearings and plain bearings. The design of double wave plate and dust-proof ring is stable and durable, and is suitable for various scenes with low load-bearing requirements.

Im Streben nach Kostenleistung können Sie Gummirollen und Kunststoffrollen den Vorzug geben ; Wenn Sie eine hohe Haltbarkeit benötigen, können Sie Nylonrollen und Polyurethanrollen wählen ; Wenn Sie eine gute Tragfähigkeit wünschen, können Sie elastische Gummirollen , Nylonrollen und Polyurethanrollen in Betracht ziehen . Wenn Sie den Boden schonen und geräuscharm laufen möchten, sind Polyurethan-Rollen und elastische Gummirollen zu bevorzugen.

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